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Perfect Binding

Precision Perfect Binding for Books, Magazines and more in Roseville, Michigan

Perfect binding is essential when distributing your product to your customers. It is not only important that the binding of the books, magazines, etc. be perfectly aligned and attached to one another, but also that the pages are trimmed to be the exact same size.

Binding Services from Gatherall Bindery

Gatherall Offers Both, PUR and EVA Glue for Binding

Perfect binding uses PUR or EVA glue to keep your pages and the cover bonded together. The primary difference between the two is that PUR glue is an adhesive that reacts with the fibers of the pages it’s binding during the curing process. In most cases, either EVA or PUR glue would be an excellent choice for your perfect binding needs.

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Lay-Flat Binding vs. Perfect Binding

There are several advantages to lay-flat binding over traditional perfect binding. The first of these is that the book will lay completely flat across a centerfold. This is primarily important when images or graphics are being displayed. The image is uninterrupted with the exception of a subtle line down the middle. The second benefit is that the thickness of the pages are doubled, so the product feels as though it is of a higher quality with sturdier paper. Finally, there is an ease of use with lay-flat books that one may not get with perfect binding because lay-flat books won’t try to fold closed like perfectly bound books might.

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Lay-Flat Binding vs. Perfect Binding

Gatherall Bindery is Capable of Producing Products with Gatefold Covers, Pockets, and even Short Run Book Boxes

Whether you want to add a special flair to a product, or you need more space to fit images and graphics, Gatherall Bindery is a one-stop-shop for all of your print finishing needs. Trust us to deliver high quality binding services including producing six and eight page gatefold covers as well as up to 24 pockets within a product. Companies across SE Michigan also rely on us for short run digital printing services as well.

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What are the basics when it comes to Perfect Binding? The basics of setting up a publication for perfect binding include:

  • Run text sheets to size or with 1/8” trim on 3 sides.
  • We will collate, or you can (ideal for copy jobs)
  • Covers must be run over-sized to allow for spine thickness.
  • Leave them oversized–we will trim.
  • Allow margins on inside text for trimming.

Feel free to contact us with any of your perfect binding questions by calling our office or filling out our lead form on the contact page.

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We offer services to companies throughout southeast Michigan and the Midwestern United States from right here in Roseville, MI.

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We provide the print industry with some of the fastest commercial binding services available. Have a rush job or tight deadline? No problem.

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Trying to maintain an in-house bindery department can be expensive. Learn how outsourcing to Gatherall Bindery can save you time and money by requesting a quote today!